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Country/Area: USA
Gender: Male
Age: 44

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Relation: Single
Mobile Model: N5230, Blackberry, iphone, 4U, S, ID, BCG, E2380B, O2, S3g
Mobile Operator: vodafhone, bsnl, airtel, mts6, 4g
Favorite Movies: Book Of The ELI, American Pie, iam sam
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Myfriend: an unfaithful world, and the jury. Everyone in hand, low cry ado. That came in laugh like a clown, here to. joker but also cries,not all my grief secretly at me

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Broken heart in me, lean angle will
My storm My boat, bank angle will
More on How It Why yes, my story written incomplete C
Pointing angle at which direction to go now will
Who will support my broken heart
Our I have with my now
I got to those are
My eyes will give sight to
Who will support my broken heart?
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