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Burch & Associates, Inc.

Address: 8101 S 15th St. Suite B, Lincoln, NE 68512, United States

Phone: (402) 483-4791


Category: Tax Preparation & Planning, Accountants, Bookkeeping

"Running your business is an exciting venture, but dealing with the day-to-day bookkeeping can be tough. Business owners can rely on the talented Enrolled Agents at Burch Associates, Inc. located in Lincoln, NE, to help them navigate the financial side of their company. This accounting firm has the resources and expertise to deliver accurate advice on a consistent basis.

Whether you're operating a construction company or own a cake shop, their team of dedicated accountants will be there to support you through bookkeeping services. They will utilize modern techniques to sort and calculate your monthly spending and revenue streams. If you need guidance in paying your property taxes, they will track down how much you owe based off your local town or county's guidelines. Clients can also take advantage of their thorough financial and sales tax reports. Additional bookkeeping services that they offer include:

1096 and 1099 filing Payroll services Bank reconciliation

Tax season is an important time of the year for both individuals and companies. Burch Associates will ensure your company is prepared by offering comprehensive tax preparation services. You and your business will benefit from one-on-one tax consultations with their Enrolled Agents (EA), who have the power to represent you in the event of an IRS audit case. Their excellent tax services don't stop at your company; they will also support you when filing your personal tax return.

For the quality accounting services your company deserves, get the reliable team at Burch Associates on your side. Call them today at (402) 483-4791 to schedule a free consultation or visit them online."

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