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Country/Area: Balikpapan
Gender: Female
Age: 26

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finally BigBang comeback after 3 years!!! I Love MADE Album so muchhhh - (7 years ago)
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Relation: Is a Secret
Schools: SMK 2 Balikpapan
I Like: Bigbang
I Hate: All bad people
Favorite Music: Stupid liar from bigbang
Favorite Movies: Iris, in to the fire, i, 39, m sam, absolutely him, the alumni
Favorite Books: Secret of BigBang
Favorite Celebrities: TOP BigBang
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Dinda: I'm so proud to be V.I.P

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9 years ago
Marry Christmas dear friend
Have a sweet Christmas this year
Take care#
9 years ago
Hello Good Morning
Did You Know ?
That Your Smile Is Like Star
It Shining In The Darkness
So Keep Smiling
To make All Peoples Around You Get The Shine Of Your Smile
Have A Shining Day
Take Care
9 years ago
Everyday is Surprising.
Don't know what will happen today.
Just know one think.
No matter what will happen.
Life will always go on.
So Keep Spirits
Fighting Fighting
Have a Shocking Day Full of Blessing and Happiness
Take Care
9 years ago
i love tattoos

if you are a bird..i m a bird...
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