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9 years ago
Come on whatsapp 00971528199117
11 years ago
gimana kabar nya??
11 years ago
yummy for u

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11 years ago
Rin..Rin..Rin..Lama tak borak borak and mebi tak ter"reply" Rin..
akak kat UMS amek International Finance..
lagi setahun da nak habis..Rin lak?
11 years ago
Hai rin how r u ur photos r very cute...
11 years ago
11 years ago
11 years ago

Day will be foes one
to another
(they will be like
enemies) except
Al-Muttaqun (the ones
who feared Allah) "( 43:67) Is that the kind
of love you want?
A temporary feeling
you get in Dunya, a
feeling inspired by
Shaytan which turn to
hate in Akhirah?!!
Do you love Allah
sister? Because
2 kinds of love would
never be together in a
believer’s heart :
haram love and love
of the Lord of the
Worlds! Dear, plz
wake up before it’s
too late, you still have
time to make things
right, leave this
Haram relationship
right now! Leave it
for Allah .. Wallahi the
price HE will grant
you will be greater
than you have ever
thought… Just make
that step today before
11 years ago
Brothers and Sisters
must read it... it's my
humble request to All
of You
“I know it’s Haram but
… I love Him!!”
This is the answer
that some sisters give
when they tell them
that having bf is
Haram in Islam.
So this is a message
for everyone of them:
“Dear sister, generally
a Muslimah should
only love the man she
will accept to marry
because of his
commitment to his
deen! The more he
will be closed to Allah,
the more she should
love him. What about
you? Why do you love
him? Is it because of
his sweet love words?
Be certain that they
are nothing but
shaytan whispers!! Is
it because of his
promises of marriag?
If he really wants
you, he would be a
real man and come to
your house to ask for
your hand in marriag
e… If he is a real man,
he would approach
your wali not you!!
Have you ever asked
yourself if he truly
loves you? Because if
he truly does, then he
wouldn’t let you
face hell !! True love is
when you pray to be
gathered in Jannah
with the one you
love! That’s true love,
and it only comes
with Halal, after
marriage! Have you
ever asked yourself if
he would let his sister
have boyfriend? A real
Muslim man would
have jealousy on his
Maharim (his mother,
sister, wife…) and if
he has no Jealousy,
so he is “dayouth”as
Prophet Mohammad
(sallaAllahu alaihi wa
sallam) described this
type of man! If he
would let his sister to
have bf, then you will
know his true value,
but if he would refuse
to let her have bf then
you will know your
true value in his
sight!! Dear sister,
know that no matter
how much he “loves”
you in this Dunya , he
will hate you 1000X
more than that in the
Akhirah. YES!!He will
HATE you, he will
blame you for your
relationship when he
will be between the
Hands of Allah, and he
will beg for you to be
thrown into the fire
instead of him! Allah
says in Qur’an :"Al
lovers who had
relationships (on that
Day will be foes one
11 years ago
عشــــق الشتــــاء
في الشتـــــاء
يتساقط المطرُ فيغسل أحقاد الصدور وسواد القلوب ..
في الشتـــــاء
ترعدُ السماءُ فتذكر كل طاغٍ بقدرة الجبار..
في الشتـــــاء
يدركُ كل قاسٍ أن البرودة ... قاسيةٌ جداً !
أنا أعشق الشتاء دون الصيف
أعشق الشتـــــاء
لأنه عندما يسقطُ المطر تُزال الأصباغ عن الوجوه فيعود كل شئ لأصله دون خداع أو تصنُّع !
أعشق الشتـــــاء
لأن المطرَ دائماً يشعرني بالطمأنينة فهناك رب لن يضيّعنا !
أعشق الشتـــــاء
لأن دفء مشاعر تلك الصديقة ينتقل إلى كفيّ عند مصافحتها فيدفئني !
أعشق الشتـــــاء
لأن تلك القوة التي تجعلك تتخلص من أغطيتك الدافئة في جنح الليل لتتحمل برودة المياه - تشعرني بدفء حب الله !
أعشق الشتـــــاء
لأن احتساء شرابٍ دافئ في ليلةِ صقيع وسط أناس يحبوك وتحبهم كافٍ لأن يملأالأرض دفئا !
أعشق الشتـــــاء
لأنه دائماً يذكرني بأنّ من فقدَ الله وفقدَ الحب .......
11 years ago
sweet2 maaaaaa.
11 years ago

11 years ago

11 years ago
11 years ago

11 years ago
hallo senpai
11 years ago

11 years ago
Salam kenal yap :-D
11 years ago



11 years ago
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