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hold your breath nokia5700

Supported Models

Nokia   5320 Xpress Music,   5320 XpressMusic,   5630 Xpress Music,   5630 XpressMusic,   5700 Xpress Music,   5700 XpressMusic,   5730 Xpress Music,   5730 XpressMusic,   6110 Navigator,   6120 Classic,   6120c,   6120ci,   6121 Classic,   6124 classic,   6210 Navigator,   6210c,   6210s,   6220 classic,   6290,   6650,   6700 Slide,   6700s,   6710 Navigator,   6720 classic,   6730 classic,   6788,   6788i,   C5-00,   E51,   E52,   E55,   E66,   E75,   N76,   N78,   N79,   N81,   N81 8GB,   N82,   N85,   N86 8MP,   N95,   N95 8GB,   N95-3NAM,   N96,   N96-3

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1.Please make sure that you have selected the correct phone model. Skin may not be able to install if incorrect model is selected.
2.Click this link to save skin:
3.Save the theme file into your computer.
4.Use Data Cable, Bluetooth or Infra Red to transfer the skin file to your phone.
5.Your phone may prompt whether you want to accept the file; choose yes.
6.Go to your Inbox and open the received file and install it.

Download via this method is totally free!
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