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Idea for Valentine Days

Rajendra199111 Guestbook

KomischGirl  (7 years ago)
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KomischGirl  (7 years ago)
Hi too , hw r u
Rajendra199111  (7 years ago)
Its amazing during rain when ever u r alone with someone under..........
Rajendra199111  (7 years ago)
........Good night frnds........
MizZvALeNtInE  (7 years ago)
{Image} {Image}

Nothing can stop emotions,
That run down the sides of your face,
Wish i could change this moment to,
Another time and place,
Nothing you say can move me,
I've chosen the road that I'm on,
I have to join the fight for freedom,
Until the war is won,
We will keep the faith between us
If we only try,
We will keep the truth inside us
Love will never lie,
Someone will always hear you,
Care about you when you cry,
But no one can hear my heart is breaking,
As I say goodbye

{Image} {Image}


chicanaloqa  (8 years ago)
Reis232  (8 years ago)
G.M too
xprettyfakedollyx  (8 years ago)


sweeT weekEnd {Image} kIki
Aryan54321  (8 years ago)
“Things work out best for those who make the best of howthings work out.”
John Wooden


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