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asifgulista Guestbook

Rohit9959  (7 years ago)
Nobdy undrstands d reasn y v met in dis life's journy.
V r nt relatd by blood bt v just knw that, God put us 2gthr 2 b best friends by heart..
Rohit9959  (7 years ago)
Love N Friendship..
Its a package of "feelings",
Nobody can "Make it",
Nobody can "Break it", Nobody can"Explain it",
Only "I" n "U" can "feel it" .
Rider06  (7 years ago)
Good ,\ ! /,
Mrng _- O -_
_.-^-._.-^-._ _.-^-._
--------------- ??------Have A Nice Day Kuch Saalon baad najane kya sama hoga,,,, Hum sab doston mein se najane kon kaha hoga,,,, Phir milna hua to milenge khwabon mein,,,, jaise sukhe gulab milte hain kitabon mein....♥♥
Rohit9959  (7 years ago)
Hey asif kya hai ye msg kya huva tumhe?
Rider06  (7 years ago)
Gud mrng have A nice monday
Rider06  (7 years ago)
Kaha hai yr mujhe nahi dikh raha gul rehta hai
sharukh1990  (7 years ago)
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Rohit9959  (7 years ago)
Zindagi Nahi Hame Doston Se Pyari
Doston Pe Hazir Hai Jaan Hamari
Aankho Mein Hamari Ansun Hai Toh Kya
Jaan Se Bhi Pyari Hai Muskan Tumari
Rider06  (7 years ago)
Koi hai apna
xnirx  (7 years ago)

Each day,
You can be,
Whatever you want to be.
Each day,
You can do,
Whatever you want to do.
Always be happy and kind,
And surround yourself with love.
The sun will shine down on you,
From up above.

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