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kingraza09 Guestbook

Yasirjadoon  (7 years ago)
''I m Not Upset That U Lied To Me...

I m Upset That From Now On 'I Can't Believe U AnyMore....!

Yasirjadoon  (7 years ago)
"Whenever I Miss My Friends
I look On The Sky

"Although I Can't See Them There But I Feel Happy

That"We" Are Under The Same Sky..

I Miss U Friendss

Yasirjadoon  (7 years ago)
''Always Enjoy Life''
No Matter How Hard It Seems!
When World Gives U Thousand Reasons To Cry,
'Show The World That U Have Million Reasons To Smile

Yasirjadoon  (7 years ago)
Best Relations Do Not Need Promises, Terms And Condition....!
It Just Need Two Wonderful People 
''One Who Can Trustand One Who Can Understand'''
Tc Frinds
Yasirjadoon  (8 years ago)
''A Rabbit Runs,Jumps And Lives Only 15 Years
A Tortise Does Not Run Does Nothing
Yet Lives For 300 Years...
Exercise Is Hell Just Sleep Well

''No Good Morning Shorning Sleeping sleeping
Yasirjadoon  (8 years ago)
''You Look Good
When There Is A Smile On Your Face
''But I say 'Smile' Looks
Good When It Is On Your Face
''Wish You Countless Smiles Forever......
''Good Morning..........
Yasirjadoon  (8 years ago)
Main ny kaha ky chakr hy yeh
kingraza09  (8 years ago)
kya mtlb jo4lv ko
Yasirjadoon  (8 years ago)
R yeh jo4lv chakr hy chor isy
Yasirjadoon  (8 years ago)
Yar mari koi gf ho gi to baghy gi na
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