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Idea for Valentine Days

mekymik Guestbook

lovelyjewell  (6 years ago)

j e w e l l

lovelyjewell  (6 years ago)

ElizaZarkau  (6 years ago)

Morning... Yesterday page is turned. Before us - a blank sheet. That will appear on it - in many respects depends on us!
Good mood this day! ! ! Don't pay attention to irritating trifles, we won't enter them in today... Only light paints and positive emotions! Because behind a window... SUMMER! ! ! ! !
lovelyjewell  (6 years ago)

just pass by to say

hello my friends

i miss u all

happy wednesday

love yaaah

j e w e l l

asu81  (6 years ago)

nemomio  (6 years ago)
Mor Couples Graphics
lovelyjewell  (6 years ago)

I may not be right there

whenever you needed me,

but I'm just a call,

a text,

a drive away from you.

I'm always here

j e w e l l

kungzaabza  (6 years ago)

Barbie1999  (6 years ago)

kungzaabza  (6 years ago)

💤 gudnite 💤


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