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nightm75  (6 months ago)
Mor Valentine flowers Graphics
exbr2011  (8 months ago)
مساء الخير

Mor Love you Graphics
bebars2  (9 months ago)
Mor Sadness Graphics

Mor Sadness Graphics

Mor Sadness Graphics

Hajan32  (10 months ago)
Hello dear how are you
Aticos  (10 months ago)
To understand conscious humans, not to be limited to characteristics and individualities or dualities, competition, mastery ... because they are extensions, expansions, which complement each other, essence, growth, balance ...
The equality of any natures are complementary not isolated limitations, control, superiority ...
Singularities make us unique, external domination predicts us in cycles and patterns of repetition ... reflects feelings, internal emotions, limiting us to growth, development, individual and collective expansion, integration with the universe ...
Not to be limited to dualities, polarities, characteristics, individualities, genres, human being is important, to develop as a species, but the essential is to transcend, evolve, be full consciousness, essence, soul ...

By Aldenir Nascimento.
kardanadam1  (1 year ago)

alaomda3000  (2 years ago)
مساء السرور

good night friends
najafi  (3 years ago)


Avengers1331  (3 years ago)

alaomda3000  (4 years ago)
مساء العسل


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