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monalisa4u Guestbook

sweetheart13  (7 years ago)

Heartking7  (7 years ago)
So Sweet is ur
SMILE??? so Sweet is ur
STYLE??? so Sweet is ur
VOICE??? so Sweet is ur
EYE????? see …….how
Sweetly I LIE.

Heartking7  (7 years ago)
Heart can skip
beats for a
while… Memories can be
kept in a file… A desert can
replace the nile… But… Nothing can stop
a smile when
your name
appears on my

Heartking7  (7 years ago)

Friendship is sweet when it's
new, Sweeter when its true,
but sweetest when its u.
When God gave friends he
tried 2 b fair! When I got u, I
got more than my share!

Heartking7  (7 years ago)

Dost saath ho to rone mein bhi
shaan hai,
Dost na ho to mehfil bhi
shamshaan hai,
Saara khel in Dosto ka hi hai,
Varna.. Janaza aur Baarat sale dono hi
ek saman hai.

Heartking7  (7 years ago)
Pagla gai he kya?
Heartking7  (7 years ago)
Good Night Sweet Dreams

raj294  (7 years ago)

I thinks without love life is boring

Putunaidu  (7 years ago)
Thanks 4 visit my profile , 1 + 1 = 2 My Two Eyes Looking At "U" 4+3=7 Days Thinking Of "U" 5+7=12 Months Dreaming About "U" But 99+1=100 Years I Need Friendship Like "U" Good Morning
Rahul23196  (7 years ago)
hi hw r u


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