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nhingcute Guestbook

nhingcute  (9 years ago)
♥ Whenever you encounter a problem, there is one simple response that should be your attitude: Never Give Up.☺
nhingcute  (9 years ago)
happy heart's day! ♥ stay inlove and keep on loving..☺
nhingcute  (9 years ago)
Puro lambingan..
Puro mahal kta..
Puro i miss you..
Puro i love you..
Puro akin ka..
Puro di kta iiwan..
Puro sa'yo lng ako..
Puro ikaw lng..
Puro ndi ako magsasawa..
Puro monthsary..

eh nagBREAK..
Aun! "NGANGA!"

-- hahaha.. goodmorning! anlameeeg. ;)
nhingcute  (9 years ago)
nice blog! true love nga naman oh.. (read)

nhingcute  (9 years ago)
"the best thing in life is finding someone who knows all your flaws, mistakes and weaknesses and still thinks you're completely amazing."

-- o'ryt!
nhingcute  (9 years ago)
"How would you know if a person is special? It's when no matter what kind of mood you are in. He/She can always manage to make you smile."

-- goodmorning! =)
nhingcute  (9 years ago)
"always do what you want. don't mind what other people might say.. 'coz whether you do it or not, other people has always someting to say."

-- goodmorning! have a nice day buddy.. ;)
nhingcute  (9 years ago)
always try to be more sensitive about people's feelings because there are times that a tear means happiness.. and a smile means hurt..

-- goodmorning!
nhingcute  (9 years ago)
Don't set the alarm clock if you're not willing to wake up. Same thing with love; Never make somebody fall for you if later on you'll just ignore them.

-- cold morning! ö brr..
nhingcute  (9 years ago)
wag mong sasabihing mataba ako. sinasadya ko talaga un, dahil nakakasawa ng maging sexy! (repost)

-- hahaha.. super like! o'nga naman!


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