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Skinnygarfield  (3 years ago)

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fardeenkhan90  (6 years ago)
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danelfiriel  (6 years ago)
Snowflakes are unique!
There could be millions in a day but yet all different to each other!

They are tiny but extremely complicated!
Different shapes, different sizes, a whole history inside them!

Created by nature or created by magic?
Althought they are crystal ice,
if you look them closer, they may warm you more than any fire!

so, Be Different...

Be Unique...

Be You...
and show everyone
your warm heart and magic!

danelfiriel  (6 years ago)
fardeenkhan90  (6 years ago)

MEHO2012  (7 years ago)


fardeenkhan90  (7 years ago)

MEHO2012  (7 years ago)

إن لنآا إخووآانآاً في سوريآا قد مسهم آلضر
وأنت أرحم آلرآاحمين
أنصرهم بنصرك و أيدهم ب تأيديك
وأمدهم ب جند من جندك و أربط على قلووبهم
وثبت أقدآامهم و وفقهم و يسر أمورهم و أحفظهم
يآا رب آلعآالمين


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