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About Me:

I em a cool girl i wanted things funny. I hate dull moments as much as possible dont stop laughin, i hate drama factor i cn easly get through becuase behind that cool en happy girl. I em not happy :( i just need to show up happy infront of many people because this is what i like :( no one knows ma really feelings only me my self en i knows it:,(
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Relation: Single
Mobile Operator: Globe
Phone Model: Lenovo S920
Occupation: fixing, a, broken, heart
Company: Sa Puso Mo, heart
Fav. Music: Rnb
Fav. Movies: Fairytale
Fav. Books: Twilight, bob ong
Fav. Celebrity: Me, Myself, and, I only God
Skinner Since: 7 years ago
Last Login: 1 month ago


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