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 which animal would you want to be?

Jaguar!!  (5 years ago)

I wanna be 3 animals 1.dolphin2.swallow 3.black widow da reason is- i wanna fly high n going far 2 whole world,i wanna swiming in alll seas withou any fear n more dangerous as i am a black widow hehe (5 years ago)

GODZILLA (5 years ago)

Tiger (6 years ago)

swan  (6 years ago)

i want tO be a birdto see the whOle wOrld and the high amOng the clOudsjust dream  (8 years ago)

That dose'nt work in case the mouse is none other than jerry. (8 years ago)

Mind itttt...... (8 years ago)

Hey buddy don't u know that jerry mouse is still there alive. He is well experienced. Even he can play pranks on u. So u need practice. Hahahaha......... (8 years ago)

Jerry mouse. Hehehe. Sucker for dames. Makin pranks on tom cat. Even i wanna make pranks on ownskinner. Hahahahaha........ (8 years ago)

hmmm jiejie i dont know want to be what can i be gold fish

If you become a goldfish, will you swim with me? lmao   -   Comment by rodayao
(Apr 29 2012 1:19PM)

If you become a goldfish, you will swim with me.. lmao   -   Comment by rodayao
(Apr 29 2012 1:20PM)
 (8 years ago)

then tama ak0 sa pagpili say0 as a friend (8 years ago)

nice choice dear..n0t only a sea traveler, als0 a big friend, right? (8 years ago)

Because I want people to be afraid of me I want to rule, I want to dominate, even being a human my nature is like the same In a shout I can shut many mouths whom I don't like talking in frontta me but since I'm not allowed to be a human, I'd chose to be a lion.. Though my preference always is being a human because I'm very happy with what I'm right now  (8 years ago)

..hahaha..  (8 years ago)

@goesbud,jellyfish are transparent and fragile right? you can actually destroy them once you touch them. I think that is the reason why they resides at the deepest part of the ocean and this exactly the reason why they are venomous so that no one would dare to catch/touch them.. Jellyfish has many breeds, I am not referring to the typical one  (8 years ago)

I would lyk 2 be a bird so i cud fly high ..very high !!  (8 years ago)

since i do n0t want to be dangerous..i'd be a bird.. Freedom is always with me.. (8 years ago)

Then I'd say a lion  (8 years ago)

@Geos, then your wrong..  (8 years ago)

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