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The OwnSkin team would like to thank the following translators for their hard work in translating OwnSkin to various languages:

CN By 百疑
TW By 百疑
SA By Saad
JP By 中川祐輔
PL By Sebastian , usu2
TH By Annie Lin , SheSa
IT By F.Salvatelli , F.Confuorto
TR By Erhanersoz
VN By Nguyen Trung Hieu , thinkbn
RU By Outsider
ES By Driuworld
NL By Catyes
ID By Yudi Afrianto
FR By Murielle
IR By SilverPG.ir
DK By Jon Bars√łe

Please contact us if you discover any translation mistakes, or would like to help us translate OwnSkin into your native language!
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