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Relation: Single
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Favorite Movies: Tons
Favorite Books: Lovely Bones
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Rise and shine, tomorrow I'll be fine.

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About Me

First of all, I'm indubitably 21. Yes, twenty-one. Nice to meet you. I am very much the prototype of a typical girl-next-door, exclusive of the fact that I am quixotic, susceptible, a pro at bumming & procrastinating, highly prone to mood swings, and way too soft-hearted for my own good.

I'm standing at a mere height of 5'1", and weigh a hefty 85 pounds. I'm obese, I know. Nevertheless, I love indulging in food. It brings me ultimate enjoyment and euphoria. A tub of ice-cream beats anything, hands down, to me. I have a very hearty appetite.

I play the drums and piano, but at a mediocre level. I abhor stereotyping, so please think twice before doing so to me. I'm extremely random and I think I tend to fall too hard in love, which elucidates the reason why I always end up getting hurt real bad.

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