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Last login: 4 years ago
Skinner since: 15 years ago
Country/Area: New York City Manhattan
Gender: Female
Age: 36

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Relation: Is a Secret
Mobile Model: iphone, N95, E71
Mobile Operator: AT, amp, T
Occupation: student, model
Companies: IMG NY, StormUK
Schools: NYU, The Tisch School of the Arts, Movie
I Like: Romantic, Peace, Fashion, Freedom
I Hate: War
Favorite Music: Lot lot
Favorite Movies: Crash, the Rock
Favorite Books: The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, The Da Vinci Code, HP 1 to 7, the Way of the World
Favorite Celebrities: Hanson, MJ
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To all my good friends here in ownskin:

I think im gonna leave here 4ever, a lot things happned i dont think i can take it easily from a long time is it....maybe i'll back but im not sure.... u all....i wont 4get u gonna miss u all...

FYI: me and my Adam r gr8, 4ever.....and no1 can break us.

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