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Country/Area: srinager, jammu & kashmir india
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Age: 29

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i am quit - (9 years ago)
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Relation: Single
Mobile Model: c500
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Companies: i am simple
Schools: D p dhar srinager
I Like: cricket, bicke race, swimming and everything
I Hate: i hate cheat n lie
Favorite Music: love song, 39, s and sad song, 39, s
Favorite Movies: horal
Favorite Books: love story
Favorite Celebrities: Eid, ul, fitur
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♥You're Taught Me The Meaning Of Love&Sharing Our World Is More Complete Because Of It♥ If you love someone, you give everything you can and don't expect to receive anything in return. Love can touch you just one time but it can last for a life time. Love is giving someone the ability to hurt you but trusting them not to. They say it takes a minute to find a special person An hour to appreciate them A day to love them But then an entire life to forget them No one is too young for love, because love doesn't come from your mind, which knows your age, but from your heart, which knows no age. Love is nothing if there is no one to share it with. It's hard to find someone whom you truly love, much less to find someone who loves you as much. When that chance comes, don't ever let go. Love is to think about someone else more times in a day than you think about yourself. Three simple words They take an instant to say But a lifetime to prove I love you Do you love me because I am beautiful or am I beautiful because you love me? Loving someone isn't when you picture yourself with them, it's realizing that you can't live without them. Love is dangerous because you have to choose someone you know is going to be good to you and treat you with respect; if you choose the wrong person then it will break your heart. To be in true love means that you trust someone with everything. Love doesn't make the world go round, it just makes the ride worthwhile. Love is in your heart not to stay, but to be shared. The most amazing feeling in the world is to look at someone you really care about and know they feel the same way about you. Love is a journey not a destination. Loving someone isn't when you picture yourself with them, it's realizing that you can't live without them._____________Life ends when you stop dreaming Life endsI could search my whole life through and through an never find another you. I love my life because it gave me you I love you because you are my life When you see a falling star to night, make a wish, it will come".

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