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Country/Area: トロント
Gender: Female
Age: 25

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WG-why so lonely #nowplaying - (6 years ago)
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Relation: In a Relationship
Mobile Model: Samsung Galaxy S5
Occupation: Students
I Like: Pet, Volleyball, Play the Piano, Drawing, sports and dancing and Music Club
I Hate: Bad people and crying
Favorite Music: 2PM, ジュノfrom, 2PM, カラ, ティアラ♬
Favorite Books: Manga
Favorite Celebrities: ジュノとウヨンfrom, 2pm, and, ソヨ, , ティアラ,
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5 years ago
hey miyuri-san..
it's been a long time..
I'm sorry if I ever make a mistake for U..

how are U ??
are U in canada ??
7 years ago

It indicates where the cat should look and move his head ..
Unique flowers

This made me remember the duck that ate at lunch ...
Good Night Friends

7 years ago
I really miss all my friend in here. Thank you so much for always greet me and post a picture or your kindly word to my guestbook, its make me feel so special. Thank you so much. I wish all of you always happy, dont forget to smile although it really hard, because your smile is the reason for someone smile Fighting God bless you
7 years ago
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