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Gender: Female
Age: 89

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Don't chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. - (1 year ago)
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Relation: In a Relationship
Mobile Model: iPhone samsung
Mobile Operator: maxis
Occupation: the face shop
Companies: the face shop
Schools: st, francis convent
I Like: kindness, goodness, cuteness, reading book
I Hate:
Favorite Music: depend on my mood
Favorite Movies: action war horror romantic and cartoon
Favorite Books: crime myth mystics horror story history investigative series tok awang ngah tamar jalis haha
Favorite Celebrities: song hye kyo KJ
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♡ She isn't just a blast of wind that touched your soul. She is tornado, messing with your emotions, with you at its core. She is the blue of the sky, The white of the clouds, And the red of blood. She is the rainbow of several colors, painted in your heart. She is the quietness of the night and the warmth of daylight. She's sometimes someone you know in and out, She's sometimes a mystery you want to find out. She is the waves in the sea, when she rises she causes a tidal wave. When she falls, She drowns you in her depths. What she is to you? You don't even have a clue. ♡

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2 years ago
2 years ago
I love you more
2 years ago

!!...GOOD AFTIE...!!


2 years ago
Good evening my twin sis
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