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I Like: candy, writing, video games
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Favorite Celebrities: Jackson♥
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4 years ago
The brain is the hardware.
The mind is the software.
The programs are the references ...
The body the vehicle ...
Use the programs as a source of information ...
update them often ...
We are not the brain, the mind, the programs and the body,
these are the resources and tools for growth, development, expansion of consciousness ...
Consciously or unconsciously ...
We are the observer intrinsically connected to the original source code, the essence that drives the experience ...
co-creators and responsible for the reality presented ...
inseparably linked internally the answers ... including the existential void, which we are "conditioned" to fill with the illusion of reality rather than the objective natural force ... the essence, evolution ...
We ... in full human potential ...

By Aldenir Nascimento ...
5 years ago

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5 years ago
Sweet night jiji🍬🍫
5 years ago

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