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Country/Area: Seoul, South Korea
Gender: Male
Age: 30

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 If you have a super power, what would you do with it(12 years ago)

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Hy, I'm from Brunei a small country somewhere in Asia(13 years ago)

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full of shit - (6 years ago)
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Relation: Single
Mobile Operator: Dst, 3g
Companies: Sm entertainment
I Like: cosplaying, anime, magic trick, running, jogging
I Hate: Tidak suka merokok, say no to smoking
Favorite Music: Jiwang, techno, RnB, k pop
Favorite Movies: Jumung the prince of legend, ninja assassin, crow zero, my gf is a gumiho, playfull kiss
Favorite Celebrities: Maichale jackson, david blain, Christ angle, Cyril, Girls generation, kara, 2pm, secret, orange caramel
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Hy there Im rifin. Im a cosplayer and anime lover. Im a chearful playfull person just dont get on my bad side or youll be sorry. Do add my Fb:

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11 years ago
'thAnk U. . .n hOw r U?
11 years ago
'gUd dAY frEn. . . HvE A bLIssfUL dAY n bLEsS u. . .
11 years ago
iM FrOm russia ^^ havE Great day rifFIn
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