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Skinner since: 13 years ago
Country/Area: himachal
Gender: Male
Age: 32

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Gairan de nal ho gi o frnd bdi assi love you b kahiye te kehndi sang lag gi.... lendi firdi nazare o endeavouran de hegi... saade bullet te kehndi hun thand lagdi.... - (8 years ago)
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Relation: Single
Mobile Model: Nokia 2690
Mobile Operator: aircel
Occupation: Farmer
Companies: Himachali farmer
I Like: my family, peace
I Hate: Who leave friends 4no reason, n are non understanding
Favorite Music: soft songs
Favorite Movies: Tare zameen par
Favorite Books: Every book is good
Favorite Celebrities: me myself is my fav, Celebrity, D
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saim: If my absence can keep some1 happy, I wish not to live anymore...

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If you'v ever spend time with me and if not you won't nother bout it...

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11 years ago
Dosti Koi Khoj Nhi Hoti,Dosti Har Kisi Se Har Roj Nhi Hoti,Apni Zindagi me meri Mojudagi Ko Bewajah mat Smajhna,Qki Palken Kabi Ankho Pe Bojh Nhi Hoti.
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