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Skinner since: 15 years ago
Country/Area: San Francisco California 415
Gender: Female
Age: 48

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Relation: Is a Secret
Mobile Model: android
Occupation: Proffessional
Companies: B, A, D, COMPANY
Schools: School for Bad Girls lol University of SF
I Like: Hello kitty, sanrio, Cherry, flowers, rose, thorns, Jesus
I Hate:
Favorite Music: Heavy Metal, BlackSabbath, m, Dio RIP, westcoast rappers, all genre wtf yeah
Favorite Movies: Predator, Dracula, The Longest Day Mad Max The Untouchable, Hitman Twilight Newmoon, Too Many to mention,
Favorite Books: Non Fiction, Rock Bottom, Sf, 1
Favorite Celebrities: Dave Batista, Johnny Depp, The Rock, R, I, P Ronnie Dio, Heaven and Hell
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Friendly,caring,sweet and sexy Im very smart I dont have time to bullshit...LOL i like to have fun Hehe IM INTO METAL MUSIC

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8 years ago

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11 years ago
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