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Кредит под залог квартиры: Выгодное оформление! Кредит под залог квартиры!

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кредит под залог квартиры It was not succeeded to adjust a raft to the coast, swimmers left it in the river, having rested against stones, and have by wading reached the coast. The threshold roared close, muffling a ring of mosquitoes.
кредит под залог квартиры
— Reasons? — the Master has asked." — to lose "principle" of Water in one, to win in another?"

— Through a threshold on a raft it is impossible to float. To throw it, further to walk? Or to float. Then — a question: to reduce a raft in assembled form or, having removed ropes, to collect the logs lowered through a threshold? How to be?
кредит под залог квартиры
— To you to solve, the soldier of" Water ".

" Even so! "— having a little thought, Andrey has passed the decision:

— We cannot wait. In a night the komarye will gobble up, and the fire cannot be burned down. In the dark to us not to catch a log.
кредит под залог квартиры
— We lower a raft through a threshold. You release from above, I catch below.

Andrey and Master have entered ice water again, have removed a raft from stones and where by wading where by swimming have led it to a threshold. Having approached closer, they have jammed a raft in stones again and have gone to investigation. The threshold terribly roared, heavy water cast glass fell between black teeths that from below, from indiscernible darkness to fly up foamy explosions and again to be curved by the dark wave vanishing in one more foamy shaft.

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6 years ago
Andrey whom pulled in a dream too has more vigorously earned by a pole.

Till the morning the raft went exactly, passing from blackness of coastal shadows into a lunar kolykhaniye of reaches кредит под залог квартиры. After a short dream to a pole there was a Master, then it was again replaced by Andrey. At daybreak has pulled fog — its strips have spread down the river, have merged, turning water, the sky and a taiga in muddy becoming blue troubles in which gaps dark contours of coastal fir-trees shook. Andrey did not begin to awake the Chinese. Let will have a sleep. Not young. The master has woken up itself — when from the coast horse neighing was heard.

Both of them have laid down on logs and tensely listened. Neighing has repeated, metal has quietly tinkled, has pulled a fire smoke. In fog it was visible that the coast had some person, gathering water in a copper. Having noticed a raft, he something has shouted кредит под залог квартиры. And here in front the shadow has approached a raft. The huge rock stuck out in the middle of the river. Having jumped on legs, Andrey has pressed a pole, taking away a raft, waves have strongly rocked it, carrying by in a cold shadow by the wet stone side licked by ice drifts. Ashore the pebble crunch, shouts was heard, the arrow has whistled, having tinkled about the rock. Still arrows have departed, flashing in fog, but has already carried by a raft on a strong stream. Run of water has begun to calm down, and here the raft was developed by some new wave — long, low кредит под залог квартиры, but powerful in the sure smoothness. Travelers were covered by a special smell of the big river.
6 years ago
Panting, fugitives have taken seat on a raft. The dark mass of the wood has started gleaming, lunar patches of light have flashed on crests of low waves. кредит под залог квартиры" The man also has not managed to gasp as the bear has pressed him. Nda … "The first has started talking the Master:

— And why we, actually, ran away?

" Here those time!"

— You ask me?

— Whom else? You could stop a bear, having directed to him a flow of mental energy. You know that it is so possible to extinguish aggression of any animal.

— I know, and the bear knows? Suddenly it is uneducated кредит под залог квартиры?

— Logically — mister Li Wang Wei has slightly grinned. — And what we will do? You is not afraid to float at night?

— Well, what difference.

Changing a bandage on Andrey's hand, the Chinese has found out that near a wrist quite deep laceration has appeared.

— The bear cub, a young reptile, a claw has snatched кредит под залог квартиры! And I have also not noticed — Andrey has guessed.

— The bracelet has protected a hand. The claw could hook on an artery.

" Well, thanks "— Andrey has mentally thanked it is unknown whom.

Having finished with bandaging, the Chinese has sat on a raft nose, dozing watchfully on quiet water.
6 years ago
" The soldier of "Water", you speaks — it is necessary more softly, is softer … "Stroking, scratching behind an ear, he as could, has tried to comfort a bear cub кредит под залог квартиры, gradually taking away a raft in water and tensely peering in coastal a chashchobnik. From the coast the pebble crunch under steps has reached, the light silhouette of the Master is highly down the river has seemed. At the same time in the wood, it seems, some easy crash was heard.

" He does not know about a she-bear! "Having grasped by the scruff a bear cub, Andrey has lifted him and has sharply shouted, then has twisted a zverenka a shaggy ear кредит под залог квартиры. That has burst to the nurseries still which are squealing a little a roar, swinging wide paws.

" Yes in it the live weight of pood two! "From blackness of the wood the terrible roar has answered, and on coastal a galechnik massive black hulk vymakhnut кредит под залог квартиры. The she-bear has rushed on shout of a cub.

— In water!!! On a raft, on water!! — Andrey with all the might has shouted.

Andrey has intercepted a bear cub two hands and from all force has thrown towards a she-bear. Force at it though not bear, but the throw left quite good. The she-bear has tarried for several seconds, having turned to with insult to the squealing bear cub. When she has plunged into the water, Andrey with the jumped-up Master already desperately drove a raft on a shallow кредит под залог квартиры, then have jumped on it, Andrey began to make a start the remained pole. The roaring hulk has made several large jumps in fountains of splashes, then, having terribly bellowed — as if having sent them where far away — was heavily developed to the coast.
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