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Деньги под расписку от частного лица: Usurers lent money without pledge and guarantors when banks still weren't even thought up деньги под расписку от частного лица.

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At the time of existence of the Soviet Union forgot partially about this type of activity (certainly, money then didn't cease to lend деньги под расписку от частного лица, but it was impossible to make it a legal type of activity).

In muddy Post-Soviet times money on receipt too lent. But percent then were really extortionate. Today this service, as well as many others деньги под расписку от частного лица, at last, found civilized individuality. It is possible to borrow money on receipt not only at the individual, but also at specialized firm. Of course, the percent in this case will be higher bank, but also but and requirements to the borrower not such strict.

What documents are necessary to borrow money at the specialized company
The standard requirement — to submit two documents confirming the borrower's personality (the passport and any other document: driver's licenses деньги под расписку от частного лица, military ID, etc.). A money is issued within 15-20 minutes. At the same time it is necessary to consider that if it is about the small amount provided without pledge and guarantors, the percent will be rather high, and loan term — short. The percent can be lowered, and to increase the term of a loan, having provided the companies some property as a deposit.

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