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لا تسخر من أحــلام الآخرين مهما بدت غريبة ولاتتنازل عن حلمك مهما كان صعبــا فالحيــاة بدون حلـم لا طعـم لها (6 years ago)
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Relation: Domestic Partner
Mobile Model: SAMSUNG 2
Mobile Operator: المدار
Occupation: ادارة, اعمال
Companies: الحياه
Schools: بكالريوس, ادارة, اعمال
I Like: الناس, الطيبين
I Hate: بعيد, عنى
Favorite Music: الهادئه
Favorite Movies: الأكشن, الكوميديه
Favorite Books: الأدبيه
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هنـــــــــاك جروح كقــــلم الرصــــــــاص . نمحيـــــــها وكأنهـــــا لم تــــــكن .... وهنـــــــاك جروحـــــاً كالرصــــــاص..

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الحياة روعة بوجود من نحب .

فهل يعلم من نحبهم

أنهم روعة الحياة ..

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7 months ago

Let's watch TV with the sound off
'Cause the news is always bad
Let's be immature and ignorant
'Cause I don't feel like being sad
I wonder if the last generation was better
I wonder if the next one's going to hell
Am I the solution, am I the problem?
'Cause sometimes I can't tell

I don't know what the point is
Just know I've been disappointed
Each night and every mornin'
And I don't wanna play no more

Let's stay in our pajamas
Let's not leave the house
It's been real bad lately
But I feel pretty good right now

It's a little overwhelming
When you put it in perspective
That life is just a bunch of memories
That we've tattered and collected
I wonder if the trees think we're all greedy
If the air thinks we're all crooks
If the water thinks we're too needy
If the sun gives us dirty looks

No worries, no cares, don't go down the stairs

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