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Last login: 11 years ago
Skinner since: 15 years ago
Country/Area: binan
Gender: Female
Age: 37

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Relation: Single
Schools: grinhar academy of binan
I Like: myself
I Hate: my other self
Favorite Movies: if only, spirited away, city of angels
Favorite Books: catcher in the rye
Favorite Celebrities: cindy kurleto
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ksitch: once you do something, you never forget.even if you cant remember.

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I'd like for my friends to think im loyal and faithful... that i'll never change.I tend to think about others' feelings a lot, perhaps because im so eager to be liked.i tend to be sensitive and intuitive by nature.i try to make sense of all that's happening, and try not to be overwhelmed by it.
Fun! Its what im after in life

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