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Relation: Single
Mobile Model: n1100
Mobile Operator: ليبيانا, اند, المدار
Occupation: عمل, حر
Companies: كل, دور, نام
Schools: الدنيا
I Like: نادي, الاهلي, طرابلس, وعائلتي, وطارق, التايب
I Hate: نادي, الاتحاد, طرابلس‎, ‎‏
Favorite Music: كل, الاغانى
Favorite Movies: المرتازقة
Favorite Books: القران, الكريم
Favorite Celebrities: جئ, تلي, اورلند
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بيكو: يا قارى كلامى رانى عليك انسلم ونزلو دموعى قبل مااتكلم غبتو عليا وفاقد رسائلكم ومالى كلام من غير مشتاقلكم

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2 years ago

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2 years ago
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Already in our first meeting with Bozi on it the hopelessness press was visible - it was similar to the fragrant flower growing on a bog. This feeling of hopelessness pushed us to each other, it under the end also parted us. It allocated our love with that recklessness which became the reason of my death. In the dialogues and jokes I laughed at the whole world - to Bozi I stumbled.
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5 years ago
flowers photo: flowers flowers.jpg
5 years ago
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