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Last login: 2 months ago
Skinner since: 12 years ago
Country/Area: بيتنا
Gender: Female
Age: 34

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Relation: Married
Mobile Model: iphone
Mobile Operator: Mobily stc
Occupation: English teacher
Companies: none
Schools: Secondary
I Like: Islam prohet Muhammad dady mum family friends
I Hate: Lying and bad people
Favorite Music: none
Favorite Movies: none
Favorite Books: Holly Quran and stories of the prophets
Favorite Celebrities: Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him
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NURAH: لاأحد يرسل لي رسائل خاصة من الاولاد رجاءآ

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آنا من نجد وربعي هم [عتيبه] وبرقآلحمي ودمي وانآ من [روق] ....... . " إقرأوُ القرآن فإنه يأتي يوم القيامة شفيعاً لأصحابه " =) اذكروني بالخير وادعوا لي لو اغيب فجاءه ربمآ اكون بحاجة للدعاء
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