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Last login: 8 years ago
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Country/Area: on the earth,under the sky
Gender: Female
Age: 103

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Relation: Single
Mobile Model: nokia lumia 1520
Mobile Operator: World Card
I Like: something nice to do, positive things
I Hate: something make me feel angry
Favorite Music: anything that not make me feel sleepy
Favorite Movies: comedy, cartoons, horror, the most is, Tom n Jerry
Favorite Books: fairytales story book
Favorite Celebrities: britney spears, rihanna, chris brown, wentworth miller, jackie chan nd U
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noori: me is me & u are u

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Häåæàâa!i....WëLcøM€ 2 My WöRld...

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8 years ago
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good evening my friend
9 years ago
Hii noorii.....
Hws u baby
10 years ago

I mIsS YoU WhEn sOmEtHiNg rEaLLy GoOd hApPeNs,
BeCaUsE YoU ArE ThE OnE I WaNt tO ShArE It wItH.
I mIsS YoU WhEn sOmEtHiNg iS TrOubLinG Me,
BeCaUsE YoU ArE ThE OnE WhO UnDeRsTaNdS Me sO WeLL.
I MiSs yOu wHeN I LaUgH AnD CrY
BeCaUsE I KnOw tHaT YoU ArE ThE OnE
ThAt mAkEs mY LaUgHtEr gRoW AnD My tEaRs dIsApPeAr.
I MiSs yOu aLL tHe tImE,
BuT i mIsS YoU MoSt wHeN I LaY AwAkE At nIgHt aNd
ThInK oF aLL ThE WoNdErFuL TiMeS
We sPeNt wItH EaCh oThEr
FoR tHoSe wErE SoMe oF ThE BeSt tImEs oF My LiFe...

''ZiNdAgI.. YaAnI KyA?
eK DhUnDlI Si sHaAm,4 FrNdS,4 cUp cHaI,1 tAbLe!!
ZiNdAgI.. YaNi kYa?
CoLlEgE Ke dOsT,bUnK KiYa hUa LecTuRe,1 KaChOrI,
2 sAmOsE AuR BiLL pAr hOnEwALa JhAgDa!
ZinDaGi.. yAnI KyA?
pHoNe uThAtE Hi pAdNe wALi DoSt kI MeEtHi sI GaLi,
AuR SoRrY KeHnE PaR, 1 aUr gAaLi!!
ZiNdAgI.. YaNi kYa?
KuCh saLo BaAd,
AcHnAk pUrAnE DoStO Ki yAaD!1 sMs,
DhUnDhLi pAdI KuCh bHeGi yAdEiN AuR,
aNkHo mEiN AyE HuE AaNsU!!''
mAy nAhI JaNtA YeE ZiNdAgI.. KyA?"
PaR DoSt tErE YaAaD..tErE MuSkUrAt..TeRe hAr bAaAaT...
fIr yAaD DiLaTa hAy...mAy zInDa hUuUn......
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11 years ago

It is soo beautiful!

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