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Country/Area: Serang banten
Gender: Female
Age: 30

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invit iya bm gue yg baru ramein d120ff2a - (7 years ago)
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Relation: Single
Mobile Model: 110
Mobile Operator: axis
Occupation: sekertaris pt, ungu cliquers sejati
Companies: Pt, ungu cliquers indonesia sejati
Schools: SMK pasundan 1 kota serang
I Like: Yaitu kekasindiri lahh Ikhsan Bayu Aji lahh dan orang tua kita ngga ada yg lain
Favorite Music: Ungu
Favorite Movies: Hanya tuhan lah yang tahu, ftv
Favorite Books: Tentang ungu, cerita, puisi
Favorite Celebrities: ibnu jamil, vino bastian, vanesa
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Ingin menjadi orang sukses dan bisa buat bangga orang tua :) dan bisa bahagia bersama diri mu kasih :* :heart:

OwnSkin In-A-Box

About Me

baik ,tidak sombong perhatian setia ama pasangan or sahabat pasti nya dong :)

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8 years ago
8 years ago
Y Do V Close Our Eyes?
Wen V Pray
Wen V Cry
Wen V Dream
Bcoz The Most Beautiful Things
In Life R Unseen & Felt Only By HEART..
Good Night
8 years ago
4 À Nice Frnd Nice Ni8
4 À Sweet Frnd Sweet Ni8
4 À Lòving Frnd Lòvely Ni8
4 À Heartly Frnd Heartly Ni8
4 À GòóD Frnd "GòóD Ni8
8 years ago
True friends are by your side through it all.
True friends are there to catch you when you fall.
True friends give your life a happy lift.
True friends are a most precious gift.

True friends will care about you forever.
True friends want to be with you on every endeavor.
True friends can make you laugh and cry.
True friends can be girls or guys.

True friends can get mad at each other.
True friends can be your sisters or brothers.
True friends will never truly leave you.
True friends will love you no matter what you do.

True friends really know you but love you anyway.
True friends are those who are always asking you if you're okay.
True friends know that hate is a very strong word.
True friends don't believe every story they've heard.

True friends will tell you the truth, even if it's not what you want to hear.
True friends are always there with a hug and a listening ear.
True friends will tell you things that are true.
True friends will do anything they can to help you.

True friends love to spend time with you.
True friends love to tease you too.
True friends tease all in good fun.
True friends don't care if you've lost or won.

I will love you forever, my friend.
I will stay by your side until the very end.
You'll be in my heart, as I pray for you each day.
You are my truest friend in every way.
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