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Last login: 12 years ago
Skinner since: 13 years ago
Country/Area: Tacloban city
Gender: Female
Age: 37

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hi ol my bday s 08/25/86(13 years ago)

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Relation: It's complicated
Mobile Model: N93
Occupation: Clerk
Companies: JBA
Schools: St, pauls business and law schools inc
I Like: Nice, simple perSOn
I Hate: Arrogant person
Favorite Music: Love song, R, B
Favorite Movies: 34, twilight, 34
Favorite Books: SVU, fairy tales, sTOry bOoks,
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My Name is RIVAH,my friends col me vah.i like to eat filipinO fOods,sOmetimes i like being arOund people and there are days wen i just want to be aloNe,my pgkamOody dn aq kyA fEeling ng ibAng tAo suplada aq!:( i live a simple life in such a coMplicAteD world oN just being me!..its a lot of fun,i cAnt think of anyOne betTer to be.sOmetimes im crazY,makulit bUt im friendly nOt gOod at hiding the wAy i fEL if im mAd at yoU i tell u whY!:-*
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