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Skinner since: 4 years ago
Country/Area: ♥ India-chennai ♥
Gender: Female
Age: 24

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Relation: Single
Mobile Model: Samsung Galaxy S5
Mobile Operator: vodafone
Occupation: yes
Companies: yes working
Schools: yes done
I Like: only my kitty
I Hate: who force me to do something what i dont like
Favorite Music: which i am having in my cellphone playlist,
Favorite Movies: only love stories
Favorite Books: One night could change everything, teenage love story, i read from online
Favorite Celebrities: my kitty
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3 hours ago
I really miss all my friend in here. Thank you so much for always greet me and post a picture or your kindly word to my guestbook, its make me feel so special. Thank you so much. I wish all of you always happy, dont forget to smile although it really hard, because your smile is the reason for someone smile Fighting God bless you
8 hours ago
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