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Деньги под расписку от частного лица: Unfortunately, quite often the debenture serves as the tool of racketeers and swindlers деньги под расписку от частного лица

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The borrower, not the person interested for some reason to repay a debt, can write the application for a racketing in militia деньги под расписку от частного лица. It will be simple to get out of such history hardly if it, besides, finds several "witnesses". Such turn of events should be considered.

How to prevent a similar situation? First of all, force the borrower to specify the fact of receipt of money in the receipt. Otherwise he can say that he didn't receive money, and the receipt will be recognized as invalid. Find witnesses – best of all деньги под расписку от частного лица, strangers who aren't your friends or relatives who will be able to confirm further that money were given to the borrower, and that constituted the receipt of own will. It is the best of all to keep (or even to specify in the receipt) a passport and contact information of witnesses.

It is optional to certify the receipt at the notary, but it is worth making it at least for your own tranquility.

What does the borrower who borrows money on receipt need to know?

First of all, the fact that the receipt is considered valid only after you received money. But this fact will be difficult to be proved if in the receipt it isn't specified. If the creditor assures you that will transfer you the necessary amount in an hour деньги под расписку от частного лица, and asks to specify day, week after creation of the receipt in it that you already received money (allegedly for saving of time), you shouldn't agree: you can deal with the swindler. To prove that you didn't receive money if in the receipt you specified it personally, it will be very difficult.

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