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Last login: 3 years ago
Skinner since: 7 years ago
Country/Area: Milky Way♥
Gender: Female
Age: 99

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m gettin bored (5 years ago)
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Relation: Is a Secret
Occupation: candy lover
I Like: candy, love, sweetness, good ppl, music, textin, to be loved, any cute thing, pink, purple, smoking, horror
I Hate: lies, playboys
Favorite Music: pop metal
Favorite Movies: horror
Favorite Celebrities: ma mobile
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About Me

Yeah, I'm insecure..
I cry myself to sleep
some nights..
I hate being compared
to others..
I get jealous when
I see you with other girls..
I'm still trying to
figure myself out,
I'm not even close
to being perfect..
I'm just being human..♥

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